maandag 23 mei 2011

Wishlist; Beachwear

Hello everyone!
Now that summer is really coming up, I have some beach musthaves on my wishlist.
I love the accessories, especially the sunglasses and the floppy hat!
What do y'all think?

1. Double Finger Metal Hearts Ring from ASOS
2. Big Straw Bag by H&M
3. Mango Retro Sunglasses
4.Victoria Secret Monokini
5. Fringe Sandals from H&M
6.Oversized '70s Stripe Floppy Hat

25 opmerkingen:

Sarah zei

Loving the sandals and those sunnies! Amazing. Lovely post.


Tray zei

Cute :)

Viu zei

the hat is super cute!

Yvet zei

de badpak is erg mooi!

Nerdic.. zei

Nice ring
x fashionnerdic

The Fashion Writress zei

Prachtige monokini! En wat is je outfitje mooi hier beneden <3

Irene's Closet zei

Hi darling!!
Great post, I love the bag, so summer!! :D :D

Sassy zei

I love this post :).
If you want, you follow me. I'll follow you too :D
Alla moda e con stile

Sassy zei

Thank you very much. I'm following you now ^^
Alla moda e con stile

Julia zei

hey emily, thank your for your comments! i really enjoy reading them! love this post!

MaNAa zei

the black monokini is gorgeous <3

Maddalena zei


Lydz xX zei

that swimsuit is pretty amazing
Lydz xX

Isabel.L zei

love the hat and sunglasses :)

Sabrina zei

Leuk! Hartstikke mooie bril zeg ;-)

Chari T zei

These are lovely! Your blog is lovely..:)! I hope that we can follow each other!

Michelle's Style File zei

Love these picks- gorgeous sunnies!

szylvia zei

really love your blog!
iam going to follow you,could you follow me too? :)x

Roberta zei

Hi!thanks for your comment!:)..
you are so pretty girl:)

follow me if you like my blog!


Anoniem zei

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