zaterdag 30 juli 2011

The town with no roads

Hey y'all!
For my Moms birthday we went to a town with no roads, called 'Giethoorn'.
It is a quiet village here in the Netherlands, where all traffic has to go over the water or by foot. 
  We had a lot of fun, with 5 people in one small boat!


Sunglasses and swan top are from H&M


maandag 25 juli 2011

Vacation Greece

Hi everyone! 
Yes, I am back after a very long time.. (so sorry)
From now on I will post more regularly.
I have been on a vacation to Greece! 
Had a wonderful time, see the pictures below

 We rented a Quad, that was so cool!
We crossed the whole island over, through small villages, fishing ports and saw the most beautiful views.

Waiting for the boat to pick us up..
We went to Bodrum, which is a town in Turkey, and had a great time.

Jumpsuit from Bershka

At the beach wearing my H&M jumpsuit