vrijdag 18 februari 2011


Hi everyone! What's poppin, what's new? 
I am feeling very relaxt because my vacation just started, so time to chill and have fun.
I'm going on a little trip with my mom to spoil ourselves.
We're going to a spa, have a nice hamman treatment and ofcourse shopping!

New Phone Blackberry Curve

Yayyy I finally have my whiteberry, thanks to my grandma!
And yes, I'm already addicted ahaha
Here's a playlist of my favorite songs at the moment. 
Some are new and some dutch songs
Enjoy listening !

7 opmerkingen:

Maddalena zei


Chelsea Lane zei

massage sounds amazing, adorable phone too! :) you are so gorgeous, love the blog!


Shabana zei

enjoy your vacation! now following, check my blog out

Leigh zei

i am so jealous that you are on vacation!!!! great playlist!


ChiccaStyle zei

Nice post!

Elise zei

Je hebt echt een leuke blog, misschien moeten we elkaar gaan volgen?


lila pink zei

I loved your blog, it's very very cool!
always come back, parabens